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Featured Stories
Could It Be Destiny? by JenRar
Summary: Bella Swan opens a bookstore in Port Angeles, which happens to be located...
Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar
Categories: Twilight, Canon Pairings, All Human

And Baby Makes Three by fiberkitty
Summary: When Jasper and Edward find themselves out of luck in adopting a child, Jasper...
Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar
Categories: Twilight, Non-Canon Pairings, All Human

Tie the Knot by Payton79
Summary:       Banner made by heartfortwilight       Statistics...
Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar
Categories: Twilight, Canon Pairings

too quiet by Chloe Masen
Summary:     Banners made by MinaRivera. Summary: Edward left to...
Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar
Categories: Twilight, Canon Pairings, Alternate Universe

Welcome to The Family by RobstenLover93, TwilightFreak1996
Summary: After the loss of his wife, Edward was left with a beautiful baby boy. Soon...
Rated: T starstarstarstar
Categories: Twilight, Canon Pairings, All Human

Most Recent
LUCILLE BALL (AND CHAIN) by Dr Harleen Frances Quinzel
Summary:       After getting her heart ripped out Bella is offered...
Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarhalf-star
Categories: Twilight, The Walking Dead, Non-Canon Pairings

Bella Swan USSS SPAM by LillianBroderick
Summary:   Bella had worked hard and studied hard. She graduated at the top of...
Rated: M starstarstarstarstar
Categories: Canon Pairings, Twilight

Buying Love by tufano79
Summary: Edward Masen is the most popular escort working for Esme Platt. He’s...
Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar
Categories: Canon Pairings, Twilight, All Human

The Sum of Parts by TheDreamsOfTheAges
Summary: I am more than dysfuction.
Rated: T
Categories: Original Fiction

I Ask You Now by TheDreamsOfTheAges
Summary: "We are closer now than ever before."  An appeal to the dead. An English...
Rated: T
Categories: Original Fiction

What Happens in Vegas, Doesn't Always Stay There by WeeKittyAndTAT
Summary:   Newly divorced Bella goes to Vegas for a work conference. On the advice...
Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar
Categories: Twilight, All Human

Going Down by Redtini
Summary:   Bella Swan was recruited to The Cullen Firm as the new Managing Director...
Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar
Categories: Twilight, Canon Pairings

Hungry Like the Wolf by achellecandy131
Summary: Coming home has always been painful for Rachel Black since the loss of her...
Rated: NC-17
Categories: Twilight, Canon Pairings

Vanity and Patience by achellecandy131
Summary: Rosalie is content to live her vampire life to its fullest, regardless of...
Rated: NC-17
Categories: Twilight, Canon Pairings

Le doux parfum de la maison by cathy29jes, Idratherbereading29
Summary: Résumé :Traduction : Edward est fasciné par Bella depuis...
Rated: M
Categories: Twilight, Non-Canon Pairings, Alternate Universe

Random Story
Luna Roja by MayaWilliam
Summary:   William, un soldado de los Volturi, ha sido asignado junto con Alton...
Rated: M
Categories: Non-Canon Pairings, Twilight

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