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Reviewer: SouthernBelle Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 11 Apr 2010 2:55 PM Title: Craving Death

Wow...this is creepy. This is random, but in the book, doesn't James kill the vampire in love with Alice? (The one in the asylum who's attempting to help her get well?) Or did I get that part totally wrong when reading Twilight? I know it's seriously random and off topic for me to ask you that in a review...but after reading this I started to realize that I might not completely understand how Alice and James are connected. If you would be so awesome to clear up that confusion for me, I'd, IDK...bake you cookies and plant some trees and give a $20 donation to Humana in your name in order to help save Sarah McGlachlan and her abused and neglected know, all that good stuff :) :) :)
(Those Humana commercials get me every time...nothing more can make one feel worse than seeing one of those commercials with the song, "In The Arms of the Angels" playing in the background. Am I right?) ;)

Where were we? Right...reviewing your story. Ahem...I digress. :)

Like I mentioned earlier, I love what you have going on so far. Very creeptastic, but great all the same.

Question: Are you planning to do a chapter or so for all of the major characters in the series? I've never read anything quite like this, so I'm hoping you continue with the rest of the characters. :) I really like what you have written far.

BTW, my apologies for this review possibly being random and/or long...or just randomly long. I'm sick with mono and it's occurred to me while typing this review that I might be experiencing some "fun" effects from the medication they gave me for pain.

Good news, I feel much better :) :)

Bad news, I feel I might later regret how I'm allowing myself to be perceived in this review. But it's OK right now :) :) Don't blame the sick girl. :) I should stop typing. Great story so far! Update soon, ok? Have a great day. :) :) :)

Reviewer: TheMidnightLady Signed starstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 01 Feb 2010 5:36 PM Title: Craving Death

You have an uncanny ability to write horror regarding mental institutions and drug overdose. It is a facinating style, one that I would like to read more of. Well done.

Just a note on your formatting. Sometimes your paragraphs don't have the extra space between them which can be a bit dicy for reading as it creates a "text wall". Try double spacing your orignal format and that may fix the issue.

Once again, well done.

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