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Reviewer: Alpha22 Signed [Report This]
Date: 06 Mar 2016 1:24 AM Title: Alex Outtake

Jake should die. Like, he was driving then his fake leg got stuck against the accelerator, hit a tree and died instantly. Lol. Kidding aside, I'm glad Alex is not that stupid to pursue Jake. I would love to read more about her love story with Dan. I love the Cullens in your story. I feel like I personally know them, like they're neighbors or family friends. Thank you for writing a feel good family story. 

Reviewer: Alpha22 Signed [Report This]
Date: 05 Mar 2016 5:55 PM Title: Epilogue

The best!

Reviewer: gingerbells Signed [Report This]
Date: 11 Feb 2016 10:54 AM Title: Epilogue

Sometimes I feel like fanfics have too much of a fairytale ending, you know? Like it becomes unrealistic. I really loved the epilogue. It wasn't perfect at all, but at the end of the day, most of them were happy and it showed just how close they are in that family. I loved that. It wasn't just about their love lives, it was about their family and the love they share. 

I've had my dissapointments throughout this story. But there will never be a story where I won't feel like that. All in all I thought it was great, obviously, or I wouldn't have read the whole thing :) So thank you for a great story, and I hope you keep writing!

Reviewer: gingerbells Signed [Report This]
Date: 08 Feb 2016 4:47 PM Title: Gray Matter

Okay seriously this family has a way of ALWAYS blaming Edward for everything. He didn't let Bella help. So hey it's okay that Bella cheated on him. WTF! Edward shouldn't have hit her. No one can argue with that. But good god! She was wrong! I don't care if her intentions were good, that shit was fucked up. I could never agree with Carlisle. Kissing is still cheating. 

I get that she was doing what she thought was best. Did she not learn anything from this whole debacle? Things escalate when you lie or keeps things from your husband. That's what got them into this whole situation in the first place. She should have told Edward the truth about Randall from the beginning. She admitted that herself? Yet she made the same mistake again... I don't get it. But maybe that's just me. 

At the end of the day I'm not saying I don't understand where she is coming from. Because I would do absolutely ANYTHING for the people I love. Even something like this. But at the end of the day, she did it for herself, for her piece of mind. She knew that sleeping with Randall would hurt Edward a lot more than anything Randall could ever do to him. 

Carlisle was right about one thing though. Don't let Randall win. 

I loved their reunion. And I totally started bawling my eyes out when Bella did! :) So glad that she apologized. So sweet what she said about not being able to live without him!

I liked how EJ got to understand where Edward was coming from. Debbie turned into a real bitch... 

Michael is really my favorite character in this story. He's adorable and so funny!

Reviewer: gingerbells Signed [Report This]
Date: 08 Feb 2016 3:33 PM Title: BIG girl panties

I thought Bella was horrable in this chapter. She should have talked to Edward as soon as Randall called her. How could she think that Edward would ever just be okay with it? She seemed so shocked when he walked out. What did she expect? He loves her, and no way would he ever be okay with her doing that, even if it kept him out of prison. And the way she treated Randall really pissed me off. So he's in love with her? Boo fucking hoo, not her goddamn problem. How could she feel sorry for him after what he did? 

I didn't like that Edward hit her, even though had I been him I would have done the same thing. And he did warn her to stay away. Doesn't make it okay to ever hit someone! But I do feel like she would have slapped him too, had the situation been reversed. 

I hope he doesn't forgive her too fast. She really doesn't deserve it.

Reviewer: gingerbells Signed [Report This]
Date: 06 Feb 2016 9:15 PM Title: Unchained Melody

Glad Rosie stood up for Edward here. It was about time someone did. 

In this sequel I am really starting to dislike Alice, she seems so judgemental and has an opinion on everybody else's bussiness when really it seems like she's the one with the most problems... Glad Rose told her off. 

And the whole hitting EJ thing, I'm with Rose on this one. Bella shouldn't have such a double standard. It isn't justified just because EJ would hit back? WTF? Now I really don't believe in hitting your children at all. But I really hate double standards..

Really not liking the whole let's hit on a hot guy even though we are married, just to keep our husbands on their toes. I don't have a lot of respect for people who that. Glad B didn't agree. They really were being immature. They're adults not high schoolers. 

Glad they talked and worked things out. He shouldn't have put his hands on her and I think it was important they had that conversation. And Oh my god, I love it when he calls her turkey leg!! Thanks for not dragging it out.

Holy shit. ADULTS helped some kid beat up EJ. What the hell is wrong with some people. That's just fucked up! Poor little Michael had to see that. He was so adorable. I'm glad EJ talked to his parents finally. And so sweet how he let Michael sleep in his bed :) 

Michael has to be my favorite, he's just precious!

Reviewer: gingerbells Signed [Report This]
Date: 06 Feb 2016 8:05 PM Title: Choices

I can't really get my head around how this happened? How did Bella blow things so out of proportion? This came out of nowhere for me and it kind of confused me. But at this point I guess Bella is just like that. I feel like she blows every fight they have out of proportion... I can't comprehend how she could act like he beat her. I mean fuck. I guess I just can't understand her behavior because I would never have reacted like that. Her insecurities are getting a little annoying at this point. 

I mean I am not saying that Edward wasn't wrong at all. Because sure he was. But he just wasn't alone in this. 

For me, she was the one who startet it with the whole baby thing. I guess maybe I think like a man. Because I often find myself sympathysing more with the males than the females, and I always feel like there is such a double standard from the women. 

And EJ should really stay out of it. 


Loved the explanation Edward gave Michael. That was seriously adorable!!! :)

Reviewer: mr-and-mrs-edwardcullen Signed [Report This]
Date: 17 Jan 2016 10:56 AM Title: Alex Outtake

I want a future take on the Cullen's like did ej have more kids and did cc marry Bethany and what happened with Natalie and did Alex ever find love and did Edwards dad die.  I also want a outtake on the day Bella and Alice meet Phils kids 

Reviewer: J_Bokan Signed [Report This]
Date: 27 Dec 2015 12:48 AM Title: Epilogue

Enjoyed this story! To be honest I'm disappointed with the pairings. I can't stand that EJ ended up with Cecilia and Al with Emily. I wished CC and Natalie stayed together, and Alex with AJ. So disappointed. Btw I don't mean to be rude.

Reviewer: adirondackmommi Signed [Report This]
Date: 25 Jul 2015 12:44 AM Title: love taps

I don't get why they can't be together - Age just isn't that big a deal - Both are adults, no one is a creepy ass perv, all is good.

Reviewer: adirondackmommi Signed [Report This]
Date: 21 Jul 2015 11:49 PM Title: The Hills Have Thighs

Loved the chapter, the trailer has been pulled though.

Reviewer: adirondackmommi Signed [Report This]
Date: 14 Jul 2015 11:15 PM Title: Holidaze part two

Glad they finally broke up, she wasn't good for him. And I love that Natalie is so comfortable with her breasts, truth is when they are huge everyone notices - just roll with it and be comfortable in your own skin.

Reviewer: adirondackmommi Signed [Report This]
Date: 13 Jul 2015 7:18 AM Title: At a loss

I can't even imagine the hell that would break loose if a physician/family member extubated a patient/family member - yikes (but I'm also thinking that he will probably have his ass very well covered), and it makes for a good story point. I hope these two find some common ground, my heart is breaking for them here.

Reviewer: adirondackmommi Signed [Report This]
Date: 10 Jul 2015 6:43 AM Title: Asshole

I hate cliffhangers, so much so that I only read completed Fics. That and I've gotten absorbed into too many characters only to see the story abandoned for one reason or another, and  I get we all have lives; but I obsess over it and find myslef wanting to complete the story in my own head. It's like that little unresolved thing hanging out there in fantasyland is driving me nuts. And yes, when I go into a room if the pictures on the wall are askew, I straighten then.

I love this story, I love the dynamic and the depth to which you have explred these charaters. I thought initally when I read that part II was going to revililve around the kids I thought - "I'm going to hate it, but oh well at least the first one was good". And now I am totally invested.

Reviewer: adirondackmommi Signed [Report This]
Date: 08 Jul 2015 11:05 PM Title: That's Amore

I like the little nod you gave to the original here in the interaction between EJ and Debbie. Nice. Alternating POV are fun when they dont rehash the same scenes and repeat the same dialogue, glad to see you using it to explore the characters.

Reviewer: adirondackmommi Signed [Report This]
Date: 08 Jul 2015 3:19 AM Title: A day in the life of Bella Cullen

I was so glad to see this wasn't over, I grown so attached to this family and I love the dynamic you have created.

Reviewer: dnmann Signed [Report This]
Date: 21 May 2015 10:52 AM Title: Romeo and Juliet

You did a great job on the dad and son talk. Very honest and real. Great writing.

Reviewer: dnmann Signed [Report This]
Date: 20 May 2015 12:09 AM Title: Back to basics

Some absolutly great, funny lines in this chapter.

Reviewer: dnmann Signed [Report This]
Date: 17 May 2015 3:53 PM Title: A day in the life of Bella Cullen

Great chapter.

Reviewer: crazydaisy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 19 Apr 2015 1:22 PM Title: The Best Years

I love love love this story and have not been able to stop reading it since I found it in FanFiction. I would love to read more. I can't seem to get enough of these two and their family and friends.  Thank you so much for sharing this story and I only hope you did continue it in "Some Instructions" I am so excited;-)  Thank you again for sharing this FREAKINGFANTASTICAMAZING Story ;-)Narcy

Reviewer: crazydaisy Signed [Report This]
Date: 12 Apr 2015 10:03 PM Title: That's Amore

I absolutely loved this chapter, EJ is sooo much like his father and I love that this Debbie seems like Bella and doesn't put up with anything.  She is playing him really good and I can't wait to read more on these two. Thank you for sharing this story  I have fallen in love with it and can't seem to stop reading, but I had to review this chapter.  YOU ROCK! Narcy ;-)

Reviewer: RobLady2 Signed [Report This]
Date: 16 Mar 2015 11:09 PM Title: Shut up and Drive part two

I think he's a huge manwhore, and if he was my son, I'd be embarrassed and pissed off! He treats woman horribly, and is a spoiled little bitch. Edward and Bella are enablers, and should restrict him and kick his ass! I wishes he would get an STD....maybe it would teach him something!

Reviewer: RobLady2 Signed [Report This]
Date: 09 Mar 2015 9:53 PM Title: Gray Matter

EJ may be a manwhore, but he's also very level-headed. Michael is a riot. Glad E&B have reconciled.

Reviewer: RobLady2 Signed [Report This]
Date: 08 Mar 2015 5:42 AM Title: At a loss

I could barely read this, as I was crying so hard! I hope this will start them healing.

Reviewer: RobLady2 Signed [Report This]
Date: 06 Mar 2015 9:57 PM Title: Kill Bill

I grew up with 3 brothers, so I know boys will be boys, but this is up to a whole new level! I still think that E & B need to step in and kick some ass. These two need some kind of help!!!

Reviewer: RobLady2 Signed [Report This]
Date: 06 Mar 2015 8:53 PM Title: Asshole

Often, it's not clashing's that they're a lot alike. I was like that with my Mom as a teen, until I matured and realized that I like who she was, and who I was, too. Unfortunately, I lost her to leukemia when I was 27. Luckily, we were extremely close! I have wonderful memories.
I think that Edward and Bella have spoiled their children, and have been somewhat enabling. They don't seem to have to do much to earn their cars, money, etc. That's JMHO!

Reviewer: RobLady2 Signed [Report This]
Date: 04 Mar 2015 3:09 AM Title: Unchained Melody


Reviewer: RobLady2 Signed [Report This]
Date: 02 Mar 2015 11:55 PM Title: Party like a Rock star

C.C. isn't a manwhore like EJ! He's a little weird, but honest and sweet!!!

Loved this chapter....and a drunk Bella, too!


Reviewer: RobLady2 Signed [Report This]
Date: 02 Mar 2015 1:21 AM Title: A day in the life of Bella Cullen

Oh, yay! More of this story....looks like 46 chappies more? I'm glad you've carried this on...

Reviewer: twirob13 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 01 Feb 2015 12:15 PM Title: Alex Outtake

i LOVED this sequel!!! and i'm looking forward to reading more ;D

Reviewer: twirob13 Signed [Report This]
Date: 29 Jan 2015 12:45 PM Title: Mr. LoverMan

i can't believe you left us hanging like that!!! i got so excited for a great lemon and then nadda!!!!! ;)

Reviewer: NorthmanCullen Signed [Report This]
Date: 27 Nov 2014 5:01 AM Title: Choices

you know, i get what Edward did was wrong but so is Bella. not once, since this moment did he know that he hurt her. if he doesn't know then how can he correct his behavior. she says its done, but acts like he beat her. thats bullshit and she needs to grow up.

Reviewer: NY13 Signed [Report This]
Date: 06 Aug 2014 10:40 AM Title: Alex Outtake

I love this story and 'The Story of Us'  They're one of my first Twi fanfics and just made me fall in love with your writing.  I always felt like this ended too soon or with a little more to go w/ this outtake and maybe just a bit more of my favorite E&B.  Hope you're doing well and enjoying life. 

Reviewer: shantiquerose Signed [Report This]
Date: 28 May 2014 9:21 PM Title: Big Poppa

Awwww I really want CC to have an Happy Ever After!!!

A Really Hot Lemon for CC as well......Loved Him!!!!

Hope for an outtake soon!!



Reviewer: lucky4me13 Signed [Report This]
Date: 08 Apr 2014 9:20 PM Title: Mr. LoverMan

Not to be mean do you not know the difference between their, there, and they're? 

Reviewer: Spunkie09 Signed [Report This]
Date: 31 Mar 2014 6:15 AM Title: Epilogue

I just re-read this story for about the 10th time.  This story is my favorite of all fan fiction stories and trust me, I have a lot!

I love how your write, I love the characters and their personalities.

I want so bad to be in this crazy family!!  I imagine myself right there with them in the house arguing or chasing kids.  LOL

I have a 13yr and 16yr old so I feel Edward and Bella's pain a little with raising them. LOL 

Whenever I need a good laugh all I have to do is read this story.   I just love it!



Reviewer: Elleg Signed [Report This]
Date: 30 Mar 2014 9:16 AM Title: Alex Outtake

I just re-read this series and I still love it! Any chance you might write more outtakes? A girl can dream!

Reviewer: justreader Signed [Report This]
Date: 09 Jan 2014 5:57 PM Title: BIG girl panties

 Hey, I don't want to be rude, but the further i get the more dramatic this story is getting. What happened to the happy times? And seriously... hitting? That's not cool at all. Rough sex i get, but hitting... I'm not sure if I'm going to continue reading this story, although it was really good... I don't do well with angst, nothing personal. Sory

Reviewer: hawkeye2010 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 29 Dec 2013 1:49 PM Title: Kill Bill

So what is CC problem? Those boys need to keep it in their pants.

Reviewer: hawkeye2010 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 01 Dec 2013 9:38 PM Title: That's Amore

Debbies the one keep on writing

Reviewer: Passion422 Signed [Report This]
Date: 23 Sep 2013 12:06 AM Title: Epilogue

I just loved this whole story! Couldn't get enough of it and am sad it's come to an end. I fell in love with all the characters and this family. You did a wi fearful job bringing them all to life! I wish it could continue on ...I would read it all! Thank you!

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 15 Sep 2013 5:59 PM Title: Alex Outtake

Kind of blew through the epi and this out take . . . loved them both.  This has been a fun ride and I truly enjoyed all your words.  You really have a gift for this storytelling. Thank you so much for putting this out in the fandom for us all to enjoy. Christy Wicklund

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 14 Sep 2013 10:21 PM Title: Thor, Loki, and the gang

I liked that talk between AJ and EJ, well done.  If I were AJ, I would stay the fuck away from Alex . . . those boys that are so nice to him right now, will squash him like a bug if he acts out and touches her.  Perhaps, when they are seniors, AJ and Alex can find each other again . . . who knows.  Everyone of the kids took the news well . . . although they have had a bt of practice . . . LOL. Why am I worried about the fact that Debbie tried so hard to get EJ into bed?  And, not only that, she handed him the condom . . . did she poke a hole in it to trap him?  She had the comment of 'a lot can change in three to six months'.  Seems a little odd to me.  Glad to hear the baby is okay and the tests have been coming back clear.  Poor Al really has no clue about AJ. The parent pulling the ostrich route is never a good thing.  Kids have sex . . . and it is early now.  Just because he didn't have it until he was eighteen, doesn't mean his kid will wait that long.

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 14 Sep 2013 12:28 AM Title: Testing Testing

Alex chose the correct route with breaking up with AJ.  He had changed so much, peer pressure will have that effect on teenagers.  He was, in fact, pushing her to do stuff she was nowhere ready to do.  I was her age, and yes, that is too young.  She needs to keep thinking the way she is thinking and wait until she is ready.  Interesting to find out that the phone sex was one sided, but AJ has no idea.  I hope she stays stubborn and keeps separated . . . at least for a little while.  Stay friendly though.  Funny how fertile Myrtle is preggers again . . . not really surprised there.  Especially with all the crazy amounts of sex they have with each other.  The baseball field bathroom stuf was great humor.  Your bantor is fantastic as always. 

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 13 Sep 2013 11:07 PM Title: Spring is in the air part two

The market scene with Edward and CC had me giggling so hard when they got to the anal sex stuff . . . that was funny!  Thanks for the frozen idea for headaches.  The husband gets them and they start off small, but can get really bad sometimes.  He came home tonight with one, I handed him the frozen peas . . . and it faded down to manageable . . . we both thank you for that tip!  EJ's POV for this chapter was fun.  He had both Roni and Cecilia approach him . . . I still think that EJ and Cecelia should be together, but I digress.  At least Roni and EJ are back to friendly . . . sarcastic too!  Fun!  The adults nearly coming blows was hilarious . . . the kinda are all correct in saying that they are all Kinds of crazy in the Cullen family . . . but fun, that's for sure!  They all explode on impact, but settle later and everything is fine.  Love it!

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 13 Sep 2013 6:28 PM Title: Spring is in the air pt one

That little glimpse into the day Michael was born was really cool.  Poor Charlie, cranky from chemo and nobody knowing why he was being so cranky.  That must've sucked to find out later the reason why was from the chemo.  Speaking of cranky, Edward was a bitch to just about everyone in this chapter.  He was awful to his kids, awful to Bella and then really awful to Emily.  What's his problem?  Will we find out in a later chapter?  Geez.

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 13 Sep 2013 1:58 PM Title: Happiest Place on Earth

CC was out of his darn mind at the beginning of the chapter.  Typical teenager though.  Not wanting to go without the girfriend is very normal.  However, thinking Natalie was going to cheat . . . that's just odd . . . he has absolutely no reason to even think this.  I am glad that EJ jumped in before CC could make a bafoon out of himself.  The whole furry-sex at the end . . . weird.  At least he knew it was weird as it was happening and he didn't want to, but still wanted to have sex . . . too funny.

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 13 Sep 2013 12:13 AM Title: Imagine that

I'm glad that Alex asked her mom about getting release, and not just relying on CC. I was a little shocked that she still hadn't done it. Funny. So very happy to hear that Carmen got pregnant.  Couldn't Bella step in and take over?  She trained with Carmen and did get the job down.  Although, they may go crazy working and living together . . . that would translate to 24/7 and I think that may be too much time together.  What do I know though.  They have worked together in the past. I liked the couple they met at the reunion. Perhaps, they can move up to where the Cullen's live?  If they hate it so much where they are and a position becomes available . . . why not.  Wow, some people really don't grow up and stay mentally in high school . . . that Dalton was a piece of work.  I liked that Edward knocked him out for calling Bella a whore, but liked it more that she got her own heel in his crotch for the same.  Loved that Edward fulfilled a fantasy with her in the bio lab!  Fantastic!

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 12 Sep 2013 10:39 PM Title: West Side Story part two

I think it was really cool that Emmett sat there and truly listened to his long time friend Al, telling his whole story.  I loved that Emmett slowly went from wanting to kill Al to wanting to, and almost literally, killing Gabe.  Gabe is a douche . . . just like you've mentioned here and there through this story.  Open relationship . . . pfft.  Dick.  Rose was more upset that Emily didn't come to her when all this was happening, than the possibility of Al and Emily getting together.  That was oddly interesting to me.  The play seemed like it went really well.  Bella cracked me up with her tears, shouts and clapping.  Great mom that one.  She made me smile.  Edward shouldn't have smoked earlier, as he was worthless and kept falling asleep.  Bad daddy!  The hint during the play from Natalie about Roni getting hurt by John and then Michael seeing it . . . I'm glad EJ and 'Michael Cullen' came to the rescue.  Michael was so funny in parts of that . . . love that kid!!!  Then Gabe picking up Roni the same night Emily broke up with him . . . the nerve of him even showing up there in the first place . . . ugh!  I'm glad that EJ was there to get her away from Gabe.  What are you going to do with those two?  EJxR?

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 12 Sep 2013 7:10 PM Title: West Side Story Part One

Why is it that I find their hangovers so funny?  You make me laugh with those.  I loved the fact that he didn't want sex and that she didn't either, yet later CC and Alex hear them in his room.  Too funny . . . they are insatiable.  It was kind of funny that EJ caught Alex grinding on AJ . . . she is just so curious . . . and hey, it felt good . . . why not grind.  LOL.  Then I adored the masturbation conversation between CC and Alex . .  . that was perfect!!!  She had so many questions and he kept telling her to speak to mom . . . so funny . . . crunchy uncofortable for both of them, but she had questions damn it!!!  I think he did so well.  He couldn't believe she ahdn't yet touched herself at fourteen . . . I was very surprised to learn that as well . . . seems a little old to have not explored.  She will tonight . . . then she will have opened a whole new world . . . they may not get her out of her bedroom.  LOL.

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 12 Sep 2013 2:24 PM Title: Romeo and Juliet

Poor Al never got the chance to talk to Rose and Emmett first, before Emily outed them.  Eek!!!  This will be a hard sell to the parentals.  Edward may freak out too, not that that should have any bearing in AxE's relationship.  Satan will attack Al though.  LOL.  I was quite happy that Emily had her first orgasm with a man.  It was funny when she had to get back up off him half way down, to adjust to fit him . . . but hilarious when Al realized that not only was Gabe small, but a minute man at that.  I laughed.  I like how AJ is taking all of this . . . he's a cool kid.

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 12 Sep 2013 12:59 PM Title: love taps

Loved the EPOV and the BPOV . . . the ALPOV was strange.  Edward being hung on by all the young ones just had to boost his ego.  He was needing that lately.  As he was feeling pretty down and out about getting older and not getting the attention he used to.  Bella not wanting to go out at all and fine staying at home was entertaining.  Then CC and EJ's reaction to what she as wearing was super funny.  Loved the Gloria and Chris bit at the bar.  Now, poor Emily has fallen in love with Al who is old enought to be her parent . . . however, she may just be in love with the fact that he listens and is attentive.  If she has time away from Gabe, perhaps she will realize this.  Who knows.  He does care about her, but fresh out of a divorce . . . not such a great idea.  I am glad he decided to speak to Emmett and Rose . . . that is really a good idea.  They need to understand what Gabe is asking and how wrong that truly is . . . open marriage this young . . . ummm, no!!!

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 11 Sep 2013 11:40 PM Title: SOngs from the heart

You are probably sick of hearing this from me, but that chapter was great.  I loved that Bella wasn't mad about the car, just the spending without discussing . . . I agree.  Even though he's the one that brings the money home, he still should have discussed the amount . . . quarter of a mil . . . on a car . . . hehehe. Loved that CC finally drove.  That he finally was done waiting for Natalie to come to him and made that giant romantic gesture in the middle of the cafeteria . . . he has amazing friends.  Yay . . . they finally do it!!!  Woo~Hoo!!!  I loved that she stripped and said this is me . . . being his POV and him just thinking how beautiful she is . . . just made me all warm and fuzzy inside . . . he truly loves her and she him.  This was just a great chapter.  Who knows what's up with EJ . . . the only thing that I can possibly think is that he treating Roni so disrespectful and he NEVER treats girls that way . . . he's feeling really awful about it.

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 11 Sep 2013 3:26 PM Title: Shut up and Drive part two

I didn't see that coming . . . Cecelia using EJ . . . at least she realized she did not wantit that way and told him as much.  She was honest with him.  I don't think she will be as forgiving when she finds out he rushed over and fucked Roni to show Roni she can't get away with that crap.  I was hoping Roni and EJ would remain friendly, but she ruined it by getting all teenage girl on his ass.  LOL.  I just hope that Cecelia will understand, or perhaps, it is best for him to stay celibate for a while.  The guy needs a break.  He's all over the map.  hehehe

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 11 Sep 2013 1:27 PM Title: Shut up and Drive part one

Yay!!!  CC got his license . . . whoot-whoot!!!  I wonder if the gossip Bella heard was what Edward seemed to walk in on in the doctor's lounge . . . Al and what's-her-name?  Anyway, I wonder if they've been caught doing something they shouldn't.  I'm sure you will fill the readers in at some point.  Seemd juicy though.  Edward was fantastic in this chapter . . . you call it boring, but I really like when you get the characters like this.  He took care of the younger kids . . . took care of Bella . . . got dinner cooked and fed everyone.  The CC and Edward moment was pretty cool also.  Then the bed time with all four of them was funny . . . and adorable!!!

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 11 Sep 2013 12:11 AM Title: The Hills Have Thighs

How much did I love the Michael POV?  So much!!!  That was fantastic.  The kid and his bond with EJ was so precious. Balloons . . . HA!!!  Loved how EJ actually took the time to explain that they were not, in fact, balloons.  Michael saying, I like sex . . . then describing all the different people . . . great stuff!  Glad that Bella and Roni got to talk.  Mixed feelings on the Jake and Bella bit, but very glad that in doing so, she feels so much more relieved. How hot was Edward to the rescue?  Too hot!  Great stuff there at the end as well.  I love their insatiable sex life . . . so wonderful.  

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 10 Sep 2013 10:22 PM Title: Back in the day

That was fun with the way CC wanted to know how his dad was in high school.  Then he cockblocked his parents to find out about how Jake and Bell met.  Again, fun.  The bit with EJ playing he was Michael's father backfiring, but not until the last second was brilliant.  Well played. Michael really misses Roni . . . EJ and her don't need to get back together, but she needs to still be friends with the family, Bella misses her, Michael misses her . . . and she was good for EJ.  You can have friends of the opposite sex, I always did.  Yeah, they should be friends.

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 10 Sep 2013 3:12 PM Title: Stupid Cupid

Loved the office visit with Dr. Cullen and Nicole Stevens . . . how sexy was that?  What a great idea for her to have had.  Carmen is the best as well.  Love her.  So Bella finally saw Jake and she sort of freaked out a little as we expected.  I am glad she was in the safety of her car and not in the market.  Loved Edward singing to Bella and playing the piano.  What a great gift.  Mmmm, strawberries.  So happy that CC went over to Natalie's house and that they talked it out.  They are really sweet together.  I am glad she told him the true reason she was not well.  Poor girl.  I guess for as many times as CC has caught their parents in sexual situations . . . EJ has not . . . his shock was so funny!!!  I was really laughing quite hard on that.

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 10 Sep 2013 12:48 AM Title: Mr. LoverMan

I actually really liked the conversation between Roni and Jake . . . they are bonding and that is really quite cool.  I like that she likes the idea of switching schools and moving into Jake's house.  Loved when she went out and Shelly was on her knees and she thought, dad's getting his groove back . . . too funny!  EJ was a man-whore and that was way overboard . . . super funny though.  Him thinking CC told Natalie and Natalie told Roni . . . that too was funny.  When it was EJ bragging and the two girls he was with we're probably bragging . . . too many people knew . . . she was bound to find out anyway . . . it just sad that it hurt her.  I feel sorry for Roni.  Grandpa Carlisle still cracks me up . . . he would have had a threesome . . . hehehehehe . . . now that was funny conversation.  I hope that Bella keeps a friendship with Roni for the little time she may stay in Port Jarvis.  Edward and Bella were funny there at the end . . . she went from not in the mood to straight up attacking him.  Fun!

Reviewer: mimeri04 Signed [Report This]
Date: 10 Sep 2013 12:12 AM Title: At a loss

this chapter had me tearing up. very good work.

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 09 Sep 2013 10:58 PM Title: Road to redemption

You had me all over the map with that one.  First, I was glad to hear that Jake was remorseful, as it gave me hope that he would not fuck with BxE.  Then, we find out, what I already figured out, that he is Roni's father and really wants to know her.  I liked Shelly and how she treated Jake . . . trepidation at first, then you could literally feel her falling for him again . . . after all these years . . . they just seemed to fall into a rhythm, even though they were only together for a couple of months . . . you got the feeling that if he wasn't so fucked up at the time, he and Shelly may have had a good go at it.  Then, we were wondering why Roni was ignoring EJ . . . I had the feeling that she found out and did not know how to tell him, and yep, that's what it was.  It was a little odd that EJ only saw Jacob Black's daughter and not Roni . . . who knows . . . maybe they can meet up again at NYU and that time it's love at first sight?  Hopeless romantic, party of one . . . yeah that's me.  

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 09 Sep 2013 2:57 PM Title: Rescue Me

I personally felt relieved when the letter from Jake came.  It also made it click that the mother and child he left behind was Veronica and her mom.  You mentioned at the beginning when Bella busted Roni and EJ banging . . . that she was older but not by much.  Add to that the single mom and Roni not knowing her father . . . yeah, it's not rocket science.  hehehe  I really liked the confrontation between Sheila and CC.  Yes, what he said to her can be misconstrued as mean . . . but I personally think he did very well and held his own against the bitch.  She is a jealous shrew and just doesn't like that he moved on.  She was so evil verbally to him and he just put her in her place.  She wouldn't let it go and went to get her friends and that practically backfired on her as well.  Too funny.  Loved Natalie and her reaction . . . go Natalie!!!  Loving this girl more and more.  The part with Bella, Rose and Seth and the texts to Edward and back was all very fun as well.

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 09 Sep 2013 1:20 AM Title: Long Day

My goodness that was a long one!  The beginning with NxCC acting and singing and falling out of character was just too adorable.  I'm glad they finally got to kissing with tongue there, but it was funny that it was in a diner, overstimulated from feeding ech other . . . too funny.  Yay, EJ got into Columbia!!!  I had no doubt he would, as that was his first choice, and he already got into the other's, but still very happy he did.  Scary that Jake is out, but nice touch with him missing a leg . . . but will that really hinder him if he wants to come by . . . most likely to apologize in person, but still scary.  No thank you.  

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 08 Sep 2013 11:47 PM Title: Flanked by your side

I love that these kids have such fuck awesome parents to ask all their sexual questions to.  I adore how frank and honest they are.  Edward trying to explain to him certain things.  Loved that Bella was teaching her son the fine art of getting the woman off.  I had missed Edward's POV, so that was great having him back.  EJ and Bella getting tattooed . . . woo~hoo!!!  That's an amazing way to bond with your kid!  I can imagine CC being pissed that he was not included . . . but Bella had a fantastic idea of Edward and CC doing the same when he is eighteen.  Really great idea.  Now, we just have to get Natalie and CC past their shyness and together!

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 08 Sep 2013 10:11 PM Title: Back to basics

I was so proud of Bella sticking up for Roni . . . that was wonderful.  Roni's mom IS doing the best she can and kids are mean . . . but you don't expect full grown adults to be like that . . . so immature.  Yay, Bella!  The kids fighting and working her last nerve was funny . . . her driving away at the end . . . absolutely hysterical!  The whole CC POV was interesting.  His friends are great and quite quirky.  I love that CC is Mark's pass . . . that was so cute.  Oh, and loved that CC was so cool when he kissed him a couple years back.  Awesome.  Most guys would have decked the poor kid . . . CC actually kissed him back and then let him down easy.  Loved that you wrote it that way.  Yay, you!

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 08 Sep 2013 8:13 PM Title: Baby Got Back

Interesting thought on putting leg weights on to be weighed, just to weigh less later.  Then he was 209 and told her 215 . . . slightly weird at he would tell that little fib, but it was funny none-the-less.  Loved Natalie's POV in this.  She really likes CC and the tear falling, was because he truly knew her eye color.  He not only listens to her, and she can be herself around him . . . he answered the question that all other boys never could.  CC is an adorable drunk.  I can't wait to see him and Natalie's relationship come to life.  They are super cute together.  Another really fun chapter. 

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 08 Sep 2013 6:16 PM Title: Holidaze part two

I loved this!  Bella at the beginning with herself, and the with CC and the good conversation they had . . . Edward lurking and then adding his two cents was just all very well done.  AxJ being upset that their daughter was married and pregnant . . . I'm glad you fixed it later and they seemed more supportive . . . whew.  Phil seemed a little controlling . . . just the comments here and there . . . I didn't get a warm feeling about him.  I liked that Samantha outed herself to CC . . . it was really cool of her.  I liked that you made it so Sheila and CC would remain friends and they broke up.  I like that you had Natalie there as well.  Funny when she walked in on BxE in the kitchen . . . those two are insatiable . . . it's a miracle they ever get to finish with always getting walked in on.  Too funny.  I like how Natalie is pulling out the real CC and letting home be himself.  This is really a fun story.

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 07 Sep 2013 5:34 PM Title: Holidaze part one

Okay I really liked Natalie with CC . . . even though I really like Sheila with CC . . . wow, you're good . . . now who do I root for?  Loved them coming home with all the bags and sharing it with Edward . . . that was great bonding.  Still loving this story . . .

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 07 Sep 2013 2:53 PM Title: Flowers in the Attic

CC had me laughing through his whole POV.  Grandpa had some really valid points and eventually got them across to CC.  I have a feeling tha CC can be extremely strong.  He seems to be very intelligent with a huge capacity of empathy.  I think he'll make a fine doctor . . . he seems to want to be a surgeon.  Carlisle also had a great point about EJ and going into politics . . .  he may want to pursue that . . . or not, politicians are so smarmy . . . ick.  BxE seemed to be having a lot of fun in Italy.  It's about time they made it there. They've been speaking about it since befor EJ was born.  I'm glad they went!  

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 07 Sep 2013 1:21 AM Title: Gray Matter

I loved Carlisle speaking to Edward and telling him he had to go home.  I like that he had heard it all from everyone and knew how far Bella would go to set Edward, and more impotantly, CC, free.  I still don't like that she didn't tell E first before going into that city, but at least you made it better between the two of them.  It was interesting that she always ran from him, and this time it was him . . . nice twist.  I was surprised that he was still at his parents five days later . . . that was odd.  At least CC's long rant in the car gave Edward even more perspective, added to his father's wisdom . . . he was well on his way to getting his ass home where he belonged.  Also, very glad you gave EJ a little insight as to what may have pushed his father overboard.  Nice touch!  Him and Debbie are toxic . . . I like what is building with him and Roni though.  She seems super cool and just what EJ may need.  Where was the communication breakdown with the kids dinner?  If EJ, Roni, Emmett Jr., and Grace had plans . . . how did Debbie and Frank end up there?  Odd.  I loved the Michael bath and naked bit . . . too cute and funny as well.  Glad that ExEJ hugged it out.

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 06 Sep 2013 10:28 PM Title: BIG girl panties

Stupid, stupid, stupid woman!  Ugh! I don't care how desperate the situation is or was . . . I could NEVER do anything like that to my husband . . . ever.  Even Alice tried to talk her out of it.  At least Alice was smart enough to suggest recording it, just in case.  Oh and look, Randall got what he wanted . . . Edward away from Bella . . . big surprise there.  Argh!

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 06 Sep 2013 7:18 PM Title: Thump, thump, thump

I kind of get why Bella never told Edward, but on the other hand I don't really get it.  They share everything, and this thing, I think she should have shared.  Randall has wanted her since meeting her all those years ago.  The down state peeps are NOT going to let this go . . . I amsure there will be a lawyer at one point.  I wonder what that perv said to Bella . . . probably, no lawyer if you let me have you just once . . . and she has said she would do anything for her kids . . . and the perv knows this . . . she really HAS to tell Edward what he proposed.  Gross . . . shivers.  I'm glad CC hit him with the shovel.  I love that there was an all out brawl with everyone.  The shotgun firing . . . HA!!!  Yay, Carlisle is finally getting laid!!!  That was funny.  Thanks for this one.

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 06 Sep 2013 5:19 PM Title: DNA

Michael afraid of curch at first, then wanting to go to church on Sunday.  That Sister Anne really made an impact.  Then he was bored at church . . . I don't blame him, I always am.  LOL.  That is unfortunate that Bella will have to deal with Randall in her own home . . . she needs to speak up . . . too bad she never mentioned it prior to this, but she was protecting Edward somehow, I guess.  Shivers.  I love that Seth is still around after all these years . . . I hope he has found a man for himself and that you mention it in a later chapter.  Why do I have a bad feeling about something horribly wrong happening to Sheila from her own mother's hands?  Shivers, again.  I forgot all about Michael playing with EJ's "balloons" . . . you cracked me up there . . . when Michael said EJ was being selfish and that he know he likes balloons.  LMAO.  Loved that ExB dropped the kids and left for schmexy times.  The fact that it pissed off pop-pop was even funnier.  Poor Carlilse . . . what's he gonna do now, if Esme won't touch him.  In her defense, he did scare the crap out of her the last time.  Bummer.  I like that CC seems to be getting back to normalcy.  It is nice to knowthey didn't make him go to the ward after all as well.  Medication should work with the journaling.  I like the route you went.  Onwards . . .

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 05 Sep 2013 11:39 PM Title: Saint Corduroy

That was a great chapter.  I lived EJ's POV on that. Mhismtime with his mom and then with Debbie. Then his dad coming home and their conversation was wonderful.  Debbie freaking out, yet again, and the two of them breaking up. I actually like that they broke up.  She has absolutely no reason to not trust him, and yet she doesn't.  Very strange!  Teh dog drinking the water and EJ not caring that his mom was going to,use it on Alex . . . priceless. Lesson in that, don't screw with your brother when he's trying to be nice!  The awful silence when he visited his brother . . . deciding to leave, and then CC finally speaks up.  Really liked their heart to heart . . . wonderful. How could Edward lift a sleeping Michael with the need of rotator cuff surgery?  I liked that EJ was fine this time with the breakup . . . let's hope this sticks . . . they may be better suited as just friends?

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 05 Sep 2013 9:53 PM Title: At a loss

Holy crap that was exhausting!  I was sad, scared and melancholy at the same time . . . . you had me so worried that whole chapter.  I could tell something was wrong with CC and he had checked out.  I just thought he would just sleep and run away when he felt better. I had no idea he would go that drastic of a route.  You freaked this reader out!  So glad that he will be okay, at least physically. Mentally, he's got a long road.  Poor Sheila.  What an evil mom she has . . . and so judgmental . . . people in glass houses and all.  I hope BxE take her in, or at least get her over to AxJ or Renee even. Perhaps, her own dad?  Don't scare me like that again . . . wow.

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 05 Sep 2013 8:00 PM Title: So cold

I can see why Edward is fed up.  However, when did he stop listening to CC?  In turn, CC is not listening to his father either.  I think the two of them should see a therapist together, not separately.  Both of them think the other one hates them.  They both think they have all the answers without seeking the truth.  It's bigger than what Bella can handle on her own.  It was funny that Michael found the cuffs and locked them together.  Not funny that there was no key.  The fact that E just, once again, thought he was lying, was sad and a little pathetic on E's part.  CC running away will only further piss off both ExB . . . and it doesn't really settle anything.  Just wait until Michael sets things straight . . . I hop it makes E feel really small inside.  Both CC and E are wrong, neither is right.

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 05 Sep 2013 4:32 PM Title: Wild Thing

I rather enjoyed that chapter.  Well, once we found out Carlisle would be fine.  Then it was absolutely funny and fun throughout.  Poor EJ being all mopey around the house.  Finding out that Debbie was mopey all day as well.  They are two peas in a pod those two.  CC and Sheila are trying out their friends with benefits and I gotta say I like that.  I had a fwb and I met my husband when out with the fwb and I love telling that story . . . i digress.  You may have thought this chapter ridiculous, but I love those kinds of chapters.  The bantor and the characters talking.  Onwards . . . 

Reviewer: Alltimelow Signed [Report This]
Date: 31 Aug 2013 3:15 AM Title: Flowers in the Attic

wow that's completely so selfish. i know they need their time and all but to just leave the for days and just enjoy themselve and not put them selves on ej perspective because he has been the parent all along. edward and bella lacks it but do love their children so very much ut ej's is doing too and so much for his age. if i were him i would give my parents the silent treatment for like a year and i would never to think of leaving my children and ignoring them just because i need quality time. it's selfish and irresponsible and makes me really confused on whether she loves her husband more.

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 30 Aug 2013 12:42 AM Title: Half moon

Really liked the part at the beginning, with Alice and Bella, and Alice needing the money.  I'm so glad that BxE are in a position to help.  Was interesting to learn that Edward was making over a million a year . . . and he started out wealthy . . . wonder where they are now . . . must be a huge bank account. Loved the bit with EJ being so very happy that he was dancing with his mom . . . too sweet.  Then Alex huffing and puffing . . . over the fact that AJ did not want to match costumes . . . oh to be a thirteen year old girl again . . . where it's all a little overboard . . . so cute.  Then Bella going up and speaking frankly with her son and actually reaching him for a change . . . yay . . . the whole exchange with Bella, CC and Sheila was wonderful . . . you really have such a gift in your writing.  I hope Carlisle is okay . . . that would be so sad to lose him . . . even though he hasn't been in this sequel much.  Still loving this.  

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 29 Aug 2013 9:50 PM Title: Smells like Teen Spirit Part Two

Okay, Alex attacking AJ in the limo was pretty cute and really funny.  She showed her brother's didn't she!?!  Too funny.  Then CC getting weirded out at the oddity that was his blue haired date, loved it.  Robin was creeping after his dad for crying out loud . . . too weird.  I was on board with her metal face and blue hair too, oh well.  EJ realizing he is in love with Debbie was too adorable.  Then leaving his 'queen' on the dance floor to get his 'girl' was the best!  Then finally asking her to be his girlfriend, the first one I believe for himever, was even better.  Edward wanting to know who won the bet later was too hysterical . . . but, Bella seemingly curious as well, was a surprise . . . a good one.  She almost seemed just as eager as Edward there for a minute.  Funny.  Was wondering why Alex was so smiley afterwards . . . she must've had a great rest of her homecoming. AJ is cute in all his shyness.  I think Al may be right and it will be Alex to corrupt him, not the other way around.  LOL

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 29 Aug 2013 7:30 PM Title: Smells like Teen Spirit Part One

I just loved the reactions of Edward in this chapter as each teen came to the house, or came downstairs . . . it was just wonderful. I think I got a little weepy when he danced with Alex.  So funny that she thought the boys may tease her, but they were dancing together. Holy crap, I laughed so hard at the end of the chapter when they were betting on whose kid will get laid!  So flipping funny.  You are rocking awesome with bantor. They should give you an award for that shit!  xo

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 29 Aug 2013 5:54 PM Title: Kill Bill

This chapter absolutely did not suck.  You did a great job here.  CC was being an absolute dick and he needing taking down a peg or two.  He is sixteen, but he is still a child, not an adult yet.  He needs to respect his parents and he has blatently disrepected them for over a month.  Even EJ tried to break through to him to no avail.  Perhaps, CC needs some medication?  Don't know.  It was so shitty of him to ignore what was happening to Alex right in front of him.  Poor Alex.  Now, she understands the magnitude of what may have happened also . . . she must be even more scared.  Glad CC seemed to come around there at the end, but he has far to go before the family trusts him again.  Isn't Maddy jumping the gun a bit with going all the way on homecoming with Damion?  He likes virgins, she is going to get her heart broken.  Ugh.  Loved the office schmexy times!!!  Also, giggled at the Ebay bidding for his action figure.  LOL.  

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 28 Aug 2013 7:11 PM Title: Asshole

I wouldn't have gotten away with calling my dad an asshole either.  CC was completely wrong and very disrepectful.  I think he realized just how awful he was after the fact.  I hope he apologizes to Bella as well.  Speaking of, I love that she heard the entire thing and slapped that kid.  He deserved it.  She must've been impressed that Edward kept his head and did not throttle the kid . . . with the disrepect flying out of his mouth, I was surprised.  I really liked the date between EJ and Debbie.  They were sweet and did not trash talk each other the whole time.  It actually seemed as though they had fun as well.  I liked that he referred to their hot ass kisses as porn kisses.  Funny.  I think EJ surprised himself on that date . . . he was himself and she liked him.  I did like the talkd that CC had with EJ later and that EJ punched him in the nose . . . that was perfect.  Also, really liked that CC went down and apologized to Edward.  I think the kids are old enough to learn what happened with Bella, before they were born.  At least EJ and CC can learn it.  Keep Alex and Michael out of the loop for a few more years.  I did like that Edward said it would be Bella's story to tell.  It would.  How do you explain a woman went crazy for their father and shot to kill her and nearly succeeded?  Eek!!!

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 28 Aug 2013 12:07 AM Title: Big Poppa

I just knew Seth was gay . . . and I think that Edward is starting to pick up on it.  Seth staring at him constantly isn't helping either.  Loved that Edward looked into the reversal for Bella . . . she truly doesn't want anymore kids . . . we knew he didn't, but now they both truly know.  EJ is still the rock god at school I see.  I like that he thinks Emmett is great for Grace after she said she likes Em.  Cute!  Then Debbie made the effort in the library and it led to wonderful date plans.  The librarian cracked me up . . . especially when she called Edward . . . oh holy crap, it was freaking hysterical when Edward said he had to wear the helmet and that Mrs. Gardner would make sure he wore it.  Complete laughter here.  Still loving this.  

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 27 Aug 2013 10:51 PM Title: Peanut

It was pretty funny when EJ was trying his hardest to cockblock CC, because he was bored.  Then poor Alex and her appendix.  At least she's surrounded by people that are in the hospital business. She's also quite the lucky young lady with all the love from the whole extended family.  AJ was so upset, I hope he gets to come over and see her soon.  Loved the flashback of Edward teaching Alex how to ride a bike.  It showed she was one tough cookie from a very young age . . . and then again when she came home from the hospital and said, "I had surgery, minor surgery at that", before making her own way upstairs.  I think I caught onto the very subtle hint you gave about Seth, that he's gay?  Just guessing . . . with the flower comment from Bella . . . and there was another that I just can't remember right now.  Poor EJ, that kid is super confused.  CC at the hospital loving that his dad made the doctor cry was hilarious.  Then his comment at the end about trying to sleep, but wanted to know what mom did to make him squel like a bith.  I love that kid!

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 27 Aug 2013 5:43 PM Title: Unchained Melody

Thank you for not dragging out the fight.  I get all worried panda when the characters fight.  I had an ex, the jealous mo flicker, beat the crap out of me once . . . just once . . . I couldn't move my arm for a week.  I literally jumped out of his moving car to escape the punching he was inflicting on my arm.  I never EVER went back to him after that.  Fucker threatened suicide on my front porch when my family was gone one night.  I called the police and they locked him up for seventy-two hour suicide watch.  His sisters were so pissed at me.  Screw them.  I left and never went back, but that's how I personally could see Bella flashing back to that moment . . . briefly.  I still think she went a little over dramatic, but that's just me.  Edward should have never squeezed her arms like that either though.  I am so glad they worked it out.  That was pretty fucked up what Sal's older adult family members did.  I'm not fo bullying, but he can be a social pariah and not be bullied.  I can get on board with that.  Sal and what's her bucket weren't even together when Ej had sex with her.  Sal broke it off . . . what a dork.  I hope that part is not over, but no bullying.

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 27 Aug 2013 3:00 PM Title: Choices

I am so confused here.  I don't see what Edward said or did wrong?  I even re-read that exchange.  Yes, he said some things, but he spoke his mind.  Is he not allowed to speak how he is feeling in the moment.  He apologized so many times.  Bella blew what he said so far out of the water, that it made my head spin.  That was when I went back and re-read.  Nope, still saw the same words.  She just heard what she wanted to hear, not what he was saying.  I guess you are trying to portray that all they have together is their children.  That the love they had in the beginning is no longer there?  I don't see it.  I this sequel's first chapter, it was all Bella and she seemed wonderfully happy with marriage and the kids.  The beginning of this chapter they seemed the same.  Yet, now there is this snag.  It was just very odd.  

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 27 Aug 2013 1:32 PM Title: That's Amore

I completely caught the similarities of Twilight with BxE with your Ej and Debbie.  Him finding her attractive.  Then later the electric shock and the instant "love" attraction on EJ's part.  Then he walks her home and says, "I don't think we should be friends" . . . that was so Edward in Twilight.  Loved it!!!  Looking forward to their burgeoning young love.  Her text to Steven was hilarious.  He should run over to Steven's if even for a little bit.  The guy is leaving in two weeks . . . just saying.  Fun chapter.  

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 27 Aug 2013 12:07 AM Title: Party like a Rock star

I adored the two boys POV's.  This was another supr long chapter.  I loved the whole thing.  The beginning with EJ and his granny nay-nay all the way through to him taking care of Michael being upset over shattered pickles.  He's a bit of a man-whore, but I kind of dig him.  CC though?  I love that kid.  His POV was spectacular.  He has grabbed this reader and sucked her in.  Loved how his was a normal teenager in love with his girl.  She got away, but he was going to try his hardest to get her back.  Bella and Rose being hammered was so funny.  Loved every bit of this with the kids and the parents both. You truly have an amazing gift to put us right there in the thick of things, with making us feel like we are right there with them.  I can viwsualize it all.  Loving this sequel!  Thank you for continuing it.  

Reviewer: WIX Signed [Report This]
Date: 26 Aug 2013 6:02 PM Title: A day in the life of Bella Cullen

Oh wow . . . I laughed so hard during this chapter.  I am thrilled you continued this with the kids being older.  I am loving it so far.  That chapter was a beast though . . . holy crap it was long.  It was QS series long.  Thank you for continuing.  I love that you love your characters so much you don't want to let them go.  'Cause sometimes, the readers don't wanna let 'em go either.  :)

Reviewer: Shiko Signed starstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: 02 Aug 2013 8:53 PM Title: Party like a Rock star

WHY? WHY did Bella have to interrupt them? This was a nice chapter, but man you should have let us read about CC's sex scene with Sheila.

Reviewer: littlelizruth Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 17 Jul 2013 10:18 PM Title: Alex Outtake

This,was,great. I,hope you get to the other outtakes.

Reviewer: GiggleSnortBlush Signed [Report This]
Date: 17 Jul 2013 12:00 AM Title: Shut up and Drive part two

God I really love all your stories but I really don't like how you try to make the boys into victims. Like all of their exes turn crazy after the breakup (the dick can't be THAT good can it?). Sheila being a bitchy whore was a stretch for me but Debbie was straight on. Roni was being a heart broken kid so no I can't say that I blame her.EJ used her (KNOWING how she felt) for selfish reasons. She was his little project so how can he be mad now that the shoe is on the other foot? I'm still Team Roni but for her with someone else because EJ doesn't deserve her. Honestly he deserves no one until he grows up. He whines and complains about being used for sex but he does the same thing and deludes himself into thinking there's always MORE if he hits it more than once. Cecilia? No. Her character leaves a really bad taste in my mouth. What he did to Roni was crappy. Period. Screw Cecilia. 

Reviewer: purplelover Signed [Report This]
Date: 26 Jun 2013 2:36 PM Title: Baby Got Back

I love CC. Baby Got Back is my song! Team Natalie :)

Reviewer: karemay Signed [Report This]
Date: 21 Jun 2013 4:42 PM Title: Alex Outtake

Oh my please keep writting stories,you have a great sense of hummer and can write it really well i loved this story, it was well written and I laughted so much at some of the things the family got into. The way you wrote grandpa Cullen was priceless😃, I loved it.


Reviewer: Zsadistika Signed [Report This]
Date: 12 Jun 2013 10:25 PM Title: Thump, thump, thump



Reviewer: Sarra Signed [Report This]
Date: 08 Apr 2013 1:29 PM Title: Alex Outtake


Thank you, this story was amazing! I wish it could never end....

Thats definitely one of my favorite fanfic stories! 

Where can I find the other outtakes?

Thank you for your answer.


Sarra, Paris, France.

Reviewer: fiftyshades Signed [Report This]
Date: 05 Apr 2013 3:29 PM Title: Baby Got Back

Too Funny! Loved it! ;)

Reviewer: luvchappy Signed [Report This]
Date: 26 Mar 2013 9:41 AM Title: The Hills Have Thighs

WOW!!! The Cullens, they really think highly of themselves, I bet its okay for them to be violent, but not other people. Well, everybody deserve second chance, even they don't have money or name.

Reviewer: missingcolton Signed [Report This]
Date: 26 Feb 2013 5:44 PM Title: Alex Outtake

I adored this story.  I didn't think I would enjoy reading about B & E's children.  How very wrong I was!  You cracked me up so many times.  Keep up the good writing. 

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