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I´m a diehard TwiHard Fan. I fell in love with the saga and read all four books constantly for over a year. There was never a time at some point in my day that I did not have one of the four books in my hand. I was addicted, until fanfiction became a part of my life. 

I´m a singer/songwriter and I´m currently living in Madrid, Spain. I´m having the time of my life, but trust me there´s no place like home. I have since become addicted to fanfiction, so I spend my days and nights reading, thank God for Iphone´s with 3G, I no longer even watch TV. Strongly considering a 12 step program, but that means that I would have to admit I have a problem. And i just don´t think there is one.

My preferences of course are anything Bella and Edward. I am a strong Robsten Supporter and Bellward just fit in my book. I don´t care what the go through, just as long as at the end of the day they are together...

I´m on twitter!!!!!  @krazis_korner

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