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Hello you ;)

How you doin'? *wink*

Who am I?

I'm Elle and I'm still in High Shool.

I'm immensely obsessed by Twilight.

Team Edward, all the way. Can't stand Taycob.

I'm a fan fiction reader for almost a year I think.

Some of my favorites are Wide Awake , EP, The Ex Factor, Bella Swan: Kidnapper, Edward Wallbanger etc etc etc

I have a list. It's a kinda 'To Do' list but for fan fiction. How I love my list.

Random stuff you don't care about:

I have two cats, Marie and Mila.

Marie is almost ten and is the sweetest, she's also very fat.

Mila is a little over a year and she's the wild one.

I have 4 best friends, we call ourself 'tampax' (our names are in there lol)

My Iphone is my baby.


I also looove KoL, Bon Iver, Florence + Machine, Green Day, All Time Low, Paramore,..

Ben & Jerry's > Haagen Dazs

Chocolate > Teenage Boys

What am I doing here?

I decided to start writing because I had these impatient ideas in my head so here I am.

What's my dream?

I'm into fashion a lot, so I want to do something in that branch.

Biggest dream? Own a popular fashion magazine.

(and sleeping with Robert Pattinson)

My Stories:


Bliss Goodies xx



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