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I'm always writing. I promise that I have not forgotten my Charlie/Renee fic Separate Ways. I'm taking my time to get it right. I also want to be ahead a few chapters before I start posting. You all know how much I love the character Charlie so I could never abandon him. His story needs to be told.

TheSpoiltOne has dragged me into the world of Harry Potter. I must say that I'm having a blast. TSO is so much fun to write with and Draco is a fun character. I think I'll like writing him as much as I like writing Edward and Charlie.

I love being a CPM beta for so many wonderful stories. I help out with all the stories TSO and Footroza write. I love being able to tell them when they have totally lost the plot or help them lose it. Volturi Order has completely consumed me lately and I think they are wondering about my sanity. Father Aro is a wonderful character and I love helping them make him more creepy


My Bio

What to say about me? Well I'm 30 something and happily married to the love of my life. We have been married for 19 years. I can not believe he has put up with me for that long. We have two wonderful sons.

Fanfiction has become a huge part of my life. I started reading it in June of 2008. I was in desperate need of something to fill the void while waiting for Breaking Dawn to come out. I was amazed at how talented the writers in this fandom are.

A dear friend of mine encouraged me to start writing. I am so glad he did. I wrote the Prologue and first chapter of My Sacrifice August of 2008. I agonized over posting them. I finally broke down, found a beta, and started posting My Sacrifice in October 2008. I was shocked that people actually liked it. Now I have a two complete stories and about five one shots.

My beta is Birdee18. She is awesome. My stories would be a mess if it was not for her amazing red pen. She has become a dear friend. I loved reading her stories and just asked her to look over my prologue and let me know what she thought about it and if she could suggest a beta for me. She offered to be my beta and the rest is history. I was extremely blessed to find her. She is a talented writer. Please click on the link below and check out her stories


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