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My name is Isabella; I love twilight and twilight Fan fiction. That is why I am here, to read and write Fan fiction.


I hate Jacob Black, for all I care he can go die in a hole preferably on that is six feet deep with no coffin. I don’t think Bella should of ‘fallen’ for him; he is a selfish jerk that causes Bella to cheat on Edward. I also think that him imprinting on a 2 day year old that is his immortal enemy’s daughter was not necessary, thank you Mrs. S Meyer.


I’m team Cullen’s, so get over it, Seth is my fave Wolf, I would love to know what is colour of fur means, Sam is black and his means Black heart. So if anyone knows what Seth mean’s please let me know.


Writing is my passion, my escape for the real world, I wish on day to be a best selling author, but I don’t think it will happen.


I have a Fan Fiction Account; a lot of my stories are then, rather then here. I find the age restrictions on this site stupid.  


Hmm…what else, Oh! I am a Beta-reader. I think that is all I have to say. I might add more later and if anyone wants to know anything about me please let me know.


Thanks. Isabella (Bella) or just Pix.

Beta-reader: Yes
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