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My confession is I don’t drink coffee … ever.  Not even that foamy, quasi-coffee flavored stuff.  Mocha flavoring ruins ice cream for me too, no matter how delicious French Silk sounds.

I joined this site when I heard the rules are a bit looser here so maybe I can get some slack.  Maybe with my intro to True Blood fan fic, I'm writing too mature for fan fic dot net.

I'm doubting it though because I get a lot of troll reviews, and other stories are still up that really cross the line and have explicit scenes.

I don’t mind real negative reviews pointing out a canon flaw (drat!) or even that I tripped my plot up because I have trouble remembering what I wrote after many chapters (doh!).

Why do people tune in day/week in and day/week out to soap opera dramas?  Because there’s drama, and some of it is pretty ridiculous.   I lean heavily on misunderstandings, lies, and stubbornness so strong that no one hears a word they’re told, even if it’s scientifically proven, like global warming or evolution.  

I got to get back to my original intention to post over all chapters of all stories here, besides the new stories that I thought would not be well rec'd over on ff dot net.


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