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I'm 25 and the mother to my 5yr old son. I love to read and write and look forward to sharing any stories I decide to share with all of you. I will be placing some of my fanfiction stories over here possibly turning them into originals.


I accept all feedback even the bad with a smile, but do not appreciate rudeness or ignorance. If you hate any of my stories so much that your words are harsh, cruel and downright hurtful I would prefer you stick to the saying "If you have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything at all." I can take criticism very well but saying things like your story is terrible, sucks, that it’s shit or you implying that I'm stupid because of a mistake I made or because I didn't write something the way you would have liked is harsh and insensitive.

I feel this way not just for me but other writers on the site. It takes a lot to share your thoughts with millions of people over the internet that do not know you. I think that everyone deserves credit for having the courage to do so. So discouraging someone because you dislike the story makes me really upset. But everyone has a right to their opinion, just know words can hurt.

Once again I hope you all enjoy any stories I decide to write and share!

You can keep up with me on my facebook page Emotion Masen I also have pictures of some of the things I may describe in the stories, and will post any banners or other things concerning the stories on here as well. So just send me a friend request!

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You can also reach me at my twitter account that I'm finally going to start using:!/beauty_emotion

Or on the blog on blogspot or tumblr I just started: or


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