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I have always loved reading and writing since I can remember. After much denial in becoming interested in Twilight by the persistent requests of my friends, I finally gave in and started reading it. Now, they wish they never told me about it. I know more about the series then they do. I tell them, they've created a monster. It's all their fault, I blame them. It was all downhill from there! LOL

Since discovering Twilight, I was also introduced to fan fiction and just like my discovery of the Twilight saga, there's been no turning back. For almost a year, I've been working on little ideas that I've had in my head, but until lately have I had the desire to publish them. This is my first attempt.

I hope you like what you read and that I'm able to bring you something new and exciting to check out! And if not, oh well... just keep on truckin'! LOL

Thanks again for stopping by,

~ Writing4Roses

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FAQ: NO, I am not abandoning my stories!! Between holidays, real life, illness and injuries.. all of these things have gotten in the way and are my lame excuse of why I haven't posted anything and quite frankly, why I am so embarrassed. I'm not leaving, I'm not going away. I would never do that, I will finish this sucker until the very end. You're stuck with me damnit LOL I'm presently working on several of my stories-- current WIPs and future ideas, but of course I&E is my main focus at the moment!! I hope this answers a lot of questions, but always feel free to send me a message, friend me on Facebook or send a request on Twitter as well! Thanks!


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