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Hello, I am a dog-person, cats makes my eyes itch and my nose snotty, so dogs it is. I've had a couple of german shepherds, but right now I've stepped down to this teeny tiny toy poodle. You read right, the race is actually called toy xD. Anyhow, I still live with the rents, or my dad, I should say. Mommy's moved to an island by the Swedish coast to live with her farmer husband, not that I didn't ask her to, she was unhappy after all...

Whatever, now I'm doing it again. I tend to tell people my life history, wether they wanna hear it or not. Doesn't matter if I'm sober, I'm still just as bad. So, I'm gonna narrow down your knowledge to this and hope I don't say something embarrasing.

PM me if you wanna talk, I'm really good at discussing :)

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