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- Just like the moon and the stars, each writers has there own mysteries that must be explored, the must be lived. Like the moon and stars, we are powerful.

- JuniorComrad

No person is complete without there own story; so write it. Hey, it's JuniorComrad here obviously. Weird pen name, but then again, I'm a weird person. I will read anything; I am not kidding you. Give me a book and I will read it in one night; my friends are shocked and jealous at my fast reading ability. XD.

Scientists researchers say that you cannot physically and mentally survive without having at least one relationship with a living species. This happens to be true, or at least in my case. I would die without my friends and family; whose shoulder would I cry on when theres a sad ending in a book? I always ask them if they would be sad if I died, and its quite humorous, because it drives this one girl Frances crazy because I ask her everyday, haha. I love you Frannie, and don't you forget it!

My current writing project is 'The Alphabet Chronicles' and after that I will be doing this other story called 'Dark Angel'. You can read the summary on FanFiction profile. After that I will be submiting to The Writers Coffee Shop, and FictionPress an original work which I have yet to name. The details are still in the works, so don't rush me dah-lings :D.

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