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I'm a 38 year old mother of two beautiful children and happily unmarried to their father and the love of my life.  I began reading, then writing fanfiction about four years ago when I started looking after my grandmother who broke her hip.  I was housebound and it was the perfect escapism.  

I love to get PM's from my readers and have made many wonderful friends in the fandom this way.  This community has done wonders for my self confidence and realization of the dream to become a writer.


Brunette, curly hair, brown eyes, big smile

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Shritless Cowboy with Horse, Story Title and Authors

Bella kidnapped by bandits?? Oh My! Sherriff Cullen to the rescue!

A romantically dark tale of Sheriff Edward Cullen who is out to stop an old evil from taking all he loves away from him. Set in the fledgling town of Forks, you will get a glimpse into the mind of a serial killer, and the wild love of Edward and Bella.

Melodramatic Spaghetti Western style adult fun for AmeryMarie’s birthday. Rated for violence, language and lemon cake finisher.  ;D


**---> Like a dork I accidentally deleted the first posting of this story!  if you reviewed before, I appreciate if you'd leave us the love again!!!  *quietly bangs head on desk*  <-----**

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