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Aloha! ^^

My name is Sue, but you probably figured that out by now !^^ I´m 26 years old and I´m from Germany.

I love the Twilight Saga and it´s characters! Thank God my friends convinced (more like forced...^^ ) me to read the books ;D I just recently started to write and post fics myself, so please don´t be too harsh with your criticism ;D Honesty is appreciated but please don´t be mean ^^


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Summary: Past Featured Story

It sounds like some kind of fairy tale: girl meets boy and they fall deeply in love with each other. She comes from a hard working family, he was born with the silver spoon. She loved him unconditionally and he promised her the world. Together they make plans for their future, happily ever after included.

But what if the fairy tale turns bad? What if, instead of the evil step-mother our female protagonist has to face her prince's evil family? What if the prince was cursed and turned into someone else? What if said prince can´t keep his promise and instead of the world, he gives her pain and heartbreak? Will they still have their HEA?



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AH, OOC, Canon couples      Rating is for language (and hopefully lemons...) !


 SM owns everything Twilight - I just played with the characters a bit! Adele owns the song and lyrics that inspired this story! This story, however, is mine! ^^

Categories: Canon Pairings, Twilight
Characters: Bella/Edward
Genre: Drama
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Chapters: 21 Table of Contents
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[Report This] Published: 07 Mar 2011 Updated: 20 Dec 2011
Just One Night by TiramiSue Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 8]

Bella and Edward are on their way home for the holidays, when the car conks out and they are stuck in the middle of nowhere. Now, what will they do to pass the time and, most importantly, to stay warm?!!

This story contains language and lime! If you´re not old enough, don´t read it!! BxE, All-Human

(Now beta'd and edited)


Categories: Canon Pairings, Twilight, All Human
Characters: Bella/Edward
Genre: One-Shot
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Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
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[Report This] Published: 13 Feb 2011 Updated: 13 Feb 2011