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HI  my name is Anna Maria and i'm a senior in high school from Romania , the original land of vampires .

The legend of the Raven is my first fanfic so i hope you'll enjoy it.

Below are the links for the outfits created by the lovely Marianne Northam Cullen for the story

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A centuries old Quileute legend speaks of the Raven: an arrogant, malicious deity that likes to manipulate and control everything around him.

During one of his walks through the forest, he discovers a young Quileute woman bathing in the clear waters of a lake, and he instantly falls in love with her.  Knowing what the elders would think of his behavior, he decides to kidnap the woman.

Using his powers, he transforms her into a black swan and takes her near the land of the S'Klallam.  After regaining her human form, she begins to cry.  She mourns the faith of her young daughter, as the woman was a widow and now her child has also lost her mother.  Seeing her grief, the Raven promises to give the woman's daughter half of his powers, as long as the woman agrees to become his lover.  The woman accepts, knowing from ancient tales that the trickster god would get his way no matter what.

Thus, her daughter became a half goddess, a sprite of the forest and its protector.  Her powers were passed to the next female of her blood when she comes of age.

In present times, young Isabella Swan struggles to control powers she doesn't understand, while dealing with an abusive, delusional mother and a distraught father. She is haunted by a dark presence she always feels is watching her.   

She decides to flee back to her hometown of Forks, Washington to live with her grandmother and start a new life.  She has to forgive and forget, as her friends have slowly moved on with their lives, leaving her to become nothing more than the ghost of a memory, braking promises made long ago and with it her very heart. 

Her arrival in Forks eventually brings everything she longs for: a loving family, loyal friends, and a true love.  But, it also brings the materialization of her greatest nightmare.  Her powers and the legend that accompanies them bring forth mythical forces from the past that have decided it is time for another cycle to end, and that Bella will be the bearer of the new Raven and the start of a new cycle.  


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