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So yeah... Finally made my way down to the writers coffee shop :)
Hmm, so what am I doing here then?

Well, I love me some good FF after a boring, stressful, neverending day and it brightens my weekends.

So, I love drama stories and I'm totally not into Bella/Jasper stories... It's just weird so yeah.
Also, I adore stories where you can't immediately know the ending from when you start reading it, those are just very very boring stories.

What have I to give to you all? Well, I'm currently writing two stories.
My most favourite ff is Everglow. It just makes me happy by writing it, even the content isn't always 'happy happy'.
When the Cullens are all human, who could they better be than dark-ish goths and stuff... They were vampires in a certain life anyway ;)

I like my Edward in many ways: Tattward is my beau, Dickward can be totally hot and you know... I just love him in any way -who doesn't?
Bella can be whiny, but I just don't get the whole 'super confident Bella' who thinks she's very very hot herself. That's just not her... Totes not.
Everyone makes Alice a shop-a-holic for some reason... She loves shopping, we get it. But to make all-grown-up mature All-human Alice a fashion designer every single time just gets dull...

So! what should you know about me?
I use 'yeah' way too much, and I have the bad habit of swearing like a sailor sometimes... And yes, it's weird, but my boyfriend thinks that's "effing hot" while my mother gives me death glares every time I say fuck... Sorry Mom!
My biggest addictions are my iPod, movies -not in the theater (though I love to make an exeption for the twilight movies and anything rPattz related), lasagna, writing, buying books on Amazon, 'playing' guitar and the most important things: my bed... And my boyfriend.
Those last two maybe not always in that order, but I'm sure they both have something to do with each other ;)

Pfew, that was a lot ... Ow, right: I'm quite *cough* hyper and stuff, it's just how I am. Guess that's stuck in teenage mode.



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