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Hi! Writing is my passion, and I will do anything to fullfill my passion!

I write about dark themes and things most people would have problems with. Angst, cutting, rape, light incest.

I will write about anything really. I write about happy things too though. Lemons! Slash! And many other things. I love slash. I am actually a transsexual, and I do write about tranny's a lot in my writing! I also write about the problems that gay's and tranny's have to deal with everyday!
I am a man that dresses like a woman...Deal with it!

So that's me!! You don't like the fact that I'm a tranny then, go cry about it! I'm my own person and I will always be the person I am. I am perfect the way I am!

Le sigh.

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Stories by LovemakesmeInsane

Bella Swan did not want to get married. She was only sixteen! It wasn't that her husband, Edward Cullen, wasn't handsome, charming, and down right...beautiful. But she wanted to live her life and be the person she wanted to be. 
Edward Cullen couldn't wait to get his paws on his little prize. His parents were smart, they tricked the Swans into giving up there daughter...And to him! Ha what fools! His parents and the Swans, were freakin' idiots! Giving up such a darling girl, to the likes of him! 
She doesn't know what He wants in a marriage and she really didn't want to find out. 
Will Bella survive something that she really doesn't want? Will Edward love her like his parents want, or destroy her like he wanted?

Warnings: Rape, lemons, crying, cussing, abuse, a bit of f/f slash but just a bit, and of course a bit of romance. Oh and there are hints of light incest...No incest it self but there are slight mentions of it! Sorry!

Enjoy! =]

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[Report This] Published: 12 Mar 2011 Updated: 24 Mar 2011

Another one of Van's adventures....Yes my other story is not done but I needed this to be posted!!

When the Devil took over Earth to find his soul mate, he stole away the young girls that ran from him. He took girls virginity left and right...And now there are very few left in the world...
Van Deacon is one of the last remaining virgins, and the Devil wants her...She knows it. She carries a group of virgins with her, they help her fight off the demons that want them...
But the Devil is nearing and he might be closer than Van thought...
And as she is fighting, he captures her. He thinks she is the one; that she is the one that will be with him forever!
But what happens when she denies him...Will she live or die? She is really the one that is meant to be with the Devil himself?

Warnings: Rape, lemons, fighting, blood, gore, cursing, Devil/God complex, and lastly abuse!...With some romance mixed in!

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Van Deacon lives in a small town and is made to live in her own fantasy land where anything can happen...But what happenes when her fantasy world melds into the real world? When does fantasy turn real? Will she die in the world she created or will she live the life she always dreamed for?

Supernatural Fiction!

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