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Writing is my passion- I think it's pretty obviois.

Things about me:

1. I have ADD. I loose interest quickly in things and acomplishing stories is my goal. I recently finished my story called 'Sparkle' and I'm on to the sequel.

2. My writing obsession started out because of the Jonas Brothers. On Youtube, you would sometimes find fiction stories about them. Look it up if you haven't. And I used to be a crazy fan of them. Crazy enough to start a fantasy story about their life. Not much anymore. I moved on to twilight!

3. I'm Filipino Asian and when I first came here, I did not know English at all. But then I started reading 'big girl books" and my english enhanced.

4. I sometimes talk to myself- especially when I'm reading and writing.

5. I failed my English class last year. HAHA!

6. You know the coat hangers found in rooms? It's my ritual everynight to take off anything hanging on it becuase in the dark, I can make pictures out of nothing. The worse yet is the grudge that came from my black jacket.

7. I sometimes have insomnia. I once spent five hours in bed before finally giving up.



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